Year 1 update

16th December 2016

Our second Half Term of Year 1

First of all, we had the brilliant Children in Need Day, in which the children all took part in a record attempt! All of the children had such a fantastic time that day, and we still talk about it now!

In Art this term we have focussed on different artists and their individual styles. The children had a go at painting a pointillism picture of an autumnal tree, and they are hanging up in our classroom for all to see. The children also enjoyed drawing portraits of each other. Some found it quite difficult to stay still for such a long period of time (as you can imagine), but they actually really enjoyed themselves, and the drawings were great!

Finally, just before Christmas, we worked with an actor/ playwright/ author; Chris Connaughton, who helped us to create our very own version of Rapunzel. The children helped to come up with ideas for the script and all of the actions. They had such a fab time working with Chris, due to the fact that it was so much fun and they all managed to play a part in the performance!


All in all, another great half term!