Foundation Stage Unit

In the Foundation Stage Unit (FSU) nursery and reception age children (3-5 years) work, play and learn together supported by a team of exceptionally qualified and experienced  ‘early years’ staff.  The open plan space is divided into three main areas.  These are Literacy, Numeracy, and a combination of Knowledge and Understanding of the World and Dreative Development.

We have two reception classes and a morning and afternoon session for nursery children. After short periods of focussed activities with their class teacher, the children can access any of the three rooms and outdoor area for extended periods of time to encourage independence, interaction and play. The older children will have daily numeracy and literacy sessions which will begin with whole class work with a teacher, followed by a wide range of supporting activities within the Unit.  

The FSU allows children to remain in the same environment, with familiar adults and routines until the start of Year 1, helping to build confidence and emotional security in the pupils.