Computing is different from most other curriculum areas within the National Curriculum. It is not only a curricular area in its own right with associated skills to be taught and mastered, but it is a cross-curricular skill that can be used to support the rest of the curriculum. Due to its unique nature Computing is taught in two distinct ways.

The Computing Curriculum is taught either by a Higher Level Teaching Assistant or the class teacher during a scheduled time that each class has within the school’s Computing Suite. Within this slot the 3 main areas of the new curriculum are taught; Computer Science (writing and refining computer programs), Digital Literacy (e-safety) and Information Technology (word processing/data handling/drawing etc). Each year group has the following time allocated to them:

Reception – half an hour per week
Years 1, 2, 3, & 4 – 1 hour per week

Each class has a further time slot within the Computing Suite where the computers are used to support other curriculum areas. Also the knowledge and skills developed by the children in the suite can then be applied when using programs within the classroom to support their learning in other curriculum areas.

All classes have an interactive whiteboard which is used to support teaching and learning enabling the pupils to become active participants in lessons.

In addition to the Computer Suite and class PCs, children have access to wireless netbooks to support their learning, providing the opportunity to contribute to the school website to celebrate their achievements.


September 2014