Class 4 Update

1st October 2016

Well what fun we have had in Class 4 this half term!

We’ve had Grandparents' Day and our parents' Share and Stay sesssion, which the children absolutely LOVED. As you can see, things got a little bit…creative (messy) with the grandparents…

On National Poetry Day, the children had a blast learning a poem called ‘Surrounded by Noise’. They worked in groups to learn the words off by heart and performed it with actions to the rest of the class. They were fab!

This half term our topic has been Monsters vs Aliens and as you know, we had an alien living with us in our classroom. The children learned all about how to look after an alien, so if one arrives at home they should be well prepared! We also went on the hunt for a mystery creature, after it hatched from the egg that we found in school! The children found footprints and lots of other suspicious items out in the woods, but sadly we didn’t find the creature. The children then returned to school and they made a picture using pieces of nature to recreate what they thought the mystery creature would look like.

It has been a brilliant first half term, well done everyone!